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We are an international Medical Group for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of sports and orthopaedics injuries.


Isokinetic is a specialist Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Group, recognised as FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence, and a reference point in the orthopaedic and sports rehabilitation sectors. About 200 people work together in the Isokinetic network, sharing the same values ​​and acting as a team, with the common goal, since 1987, to seek daily excellence on the patient and with the commitment to provide the best possible care. A group that consistently benchmarks the results of its work, both internally within the network as well as with the international medical community. The power of innovation is found in the strategic positioning of its “Education and Research Department” at the heart of the Isokinetic system.

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Ideal Path for Patello-Femoral Pain 🦵🏼📈 Patellofemoral syndrome is a very common condition, which 40% of the population suffer from at least once in their life.

The main symptom is pain in the front of the knee, typically round the kneecap, which is made worse by specific activities (e.g. landing, squatting, walking downhill or going down stairs, sitting for prolonged periods).
It is more common in active women, especially in sports which require changes of direction and jumping.
To heal completely, we use a criteria-based protocol at Isokinetic. These are the main characteristics of our approach:
👉🏻A careful medical examination with one of our doctors
👉🏻Pain control
👉🏻Reinforcing ankle, knee and hip muscles (mainly in the gym)
👉🏻Correction of lower limb biomechanics, e.g. the way you move (mainly in the “Green Room”)
👉🏻Careful load management (total volume and frequency, with on-field GPS tracking)
👉🏻Correct progression: 1. Strength 2. Movement quality re-education 3. On-field rehabilitation for complete recovery.
👉🏻Time required to complete the rehabilitation journey: over two months


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