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We are an international Medical Group for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of sports and orthopaedics injuries.


Isokinetic is a specialist Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Group, recognised as FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence, and a reference point in the orthopaedic and sports rehabilitation sectors. We are a 35 year old, internationally recognised and CQC certified, Central London sports injuries and orthopaedic rehabilitation clinic. Whenever an injury happens you can trust our team of professionals in sports medicine: doctors, physiotherapists, hydrotherapists, osteopaths, and sports reconditioning experts. All close to you and focused on getting you back to what you love.
About 200 people work together in the Isokinetic network, sharing the same values and acting as a team, with the common goal, since 1987, to seek daily excellence on the patient and with the commitment to provide the best possible care. A group that consistently benchmarks the results of its work, both internally within the network as well as with the international medical community. The power of innovation is found in the strategic position of our “Education and Research Department” at the heart of the Isokinetic system.

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Alessandro Compagnin

Luis Cortés

Vittoria Marin

Connor Messinger

Bartholomew Hudson Gill

Giorgio Olivari

Filippo Picinini

Elisa Pirotti

Meliha Alikova

Clinical Administrator

Alice Galdini

Clinical Administrator

Elinsa Jean-Baptiste

Clinical Administrator

Giulia Lombardo

Clinical Administrator

Eleonora Petrosino

Clinical Administrator

Marina Silva

Clinical Administrator

Cinzia Quartana

Clinical Administrator

Andrea Tartaglia

Managing Director

Liliana De Mitri

Head of Administration

Elisa Pirotti

Head of Rehabilitation

Jesus Olmo

Medical Director

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📹✨Oggi in Isokinetic Bologna la seconda giornata di test pre-stagionali per gli atleti @acreggiana1919 💪⚽️

This year we brought you to the Congress thanks to the competition that took place in our clinics. ✨ Many of you participated and one patient from each clinic (along with a companion) joined us in Madrid. 🇪🇸✈️ It was an enriching experience, which allowed you to touch a side of your clinic that you normally don’t see. 👐😊


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