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Return to sport, wherever you are.

We are an international Medical Group for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of sports and orthopaedics injuries.

What is Virtual+?

Virtual+ is Isokinetic’s online clinic, created to offer patients a one-to-one consultation and rehabilitation service via internet video call.

How does it work?

Virtual+ uses the Zoom video call platform to connect our doctors and rehabilitation specialists with patients from all over the world.
All you need is a computer or tablet, a webcam and a stable internet connection.

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Why Virtual+?

The initial Virtual+ consultation is a specialist medical examination during which the doctor will – through simple instructions and with your cooperation – make his diagnosis and indicate the most suitable treatment programme to get you back to good health. The specialist will look at your diagnostic and clinical test results together with you and ask you to carry out specific movements.

The tailor-made Virtual+ telerehabilitation session lasts one hour and is carried out online under the supervision of our rehabilitation specialist, who will show you – thanks to some technical tricks and some basic equipment – how to train in the comfort of your own home.


It’s online: available wherever you are.

It’s handy: all you need is a PC with internet connection.

It’s one-to-one: you’ll have doctor and rehabilitation specialist all to yourself.

It’s personalised: tailored to your clinical requirements.

It’s intensive: it lasts one hour.

It’s technological: you can see your tests and examinations in real time.

It’s continuous: it will be by your side throughout your rehabilitation journey.


It’s PLUS: the added value that Isokinetic Medical Group gives you.

Who is taking care of you

Kyriakos Tsapralis

Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine

Gianni Nanni

Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine

Fabio Bonsanto

Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine

Casimiro D’Ambra

Virtual+ Therapist

Simone Perboni

Virtual+ Therapist

Gianmarco Nanni

Virtual+ Therapist

Emanuela De Col

Clinical Administration

Kristine Mari Suiza

Clinical Administration

General Headquarter Davide Fazzini Isokinetic Bologna

Davide Fazzini

Head of Operating

Isokinetic Family

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