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Return to sport, wherever you are.

We are an international Medical Group for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of sports and orthopaedics injuries.


Isokinetic is a specialist Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Group, recognised as FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence, and a reference point in the orthopaedic and sports rehabilitation sectors. Whenever an injury happens you can trust our team of professionals in sports medicine: doctors, physiotherapists, hydrotherapists, osteopaths, and sports reconditioning experts. All close to you and focused on getting you back to what you love.
About 200 people work together in the Isokinetic network, sharing the same values and acting as a team, with the common goal, since 1987, to seek daily excellence on the patient and with the commitment to provide the best possible care.


Who we are

Since we always have a  Patient First approach, it is really important to be able to reach our patients in any circumstances or across distances.
We have researched worldwide the best ways to reach our patients remotely, with the aim of continuing to take care of those of you who cannot reach our Clinics or feel not comfortable with travelling.
Isokinetic Virtual+ is a real Isokinetic online clinic, with the ability to reach our patients everywhere in the world.

Our services



Why Virtual+ ?

Virtual, because we will connect with our patients at a distance, through an online based approach, but this will be an enhanced (plus) service. Everything about the service is aligned with Isokinetic’s style and designed with the features of our C.(culture) I.(image) A.(atmosphere) O.(organisation). In the Isokinetic Virtual+ clinic patients will find the usual warmth, empathy and skill of our clinical team, throughout the diagnostic and therapeutic recovery processes. In Isokinetic Virtual + it’s possible to book a Virtual consultation, and on-line rehabilitation sessions. All rehabilitation sessions will be one-to-one with a dedicated and specialised physio that will take care of your health

Who is taking care of you

Kyriakos Tsapralis

Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine

Gianni Nanni

Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine

Fabio Bonsanto

Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine

Casimiro D’Ambra

Virtual+ Therapist

Simone Perboni

Virtual+ Therapist

Gianmarco Nanni

Virtual+ Therapist

Emanuela De Col

Clinical Administration

Kristine Mari Suiza

Clinical Administration

General Headquarter Davide Fazzini Isokinetic Bologna

Davide Fazzini

Head of Operating

Isokinetic Family

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